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FOGRA Multicolor Forum
ColorLogic GmbH
22 October 2018

On October 4th 2018, FOGRA organized and hosted the world’s first comparison test for state of the art multicolor solutions, which allowed ColorLogic GmbH along with several other providers to test their solutions in up to five categories using actual print samples and a controlled offset printing process. ColorLogic opted to participate in all five categories and overall had very successful results. The five categories included  Multicolor Characterization, Proofing, Spectral Color Prediction, Separation of high saturated RGB Images, and conversion of Spot Colors to Multicolor. 

Please continue reading below or go to the official press release here: FOGRA Multicolor Forum Summary EN

This Multicolor Forum not only provided a platform for testing and comparisons of various solutions, but it also showed in which areas multicolor technology has improved. As FOGRA stated at the conclusion of the event, “Multicolor technology has left its infancy”. It also became clear the areas in the industry’s technology that could stand to see some additional development. As a collective, it was evident that in the area of spectral predictions some improvements in technology can be made for better results. Vendors showed quite similar results with ColorLogic in the top group.

We are happy to share that ColorLogic in particular was strong in the area of image separations,  in spot color rendering and avoiding Moiré patterns, which is an important topic when it comes to multicolor separations. It is common practice for printing AM screening with 7 colors to use the same angles for CMYK and the additional inks which may lead to Moiré pattern or other dot on dot effects. The ColorLogic technology handles black and in this case the blue separations in a way that those colors did not overlap, while keeping the full gamut. This major enhancement will be added to the next major software release of CoPrA so that end users can avoid Moiré in color separations. 

Additionally, in the area of spot color separation to multicolor, the ColorLogic solution was among the top results in regards to color accuracy, lowest graininess and minimal amount of channels needed to simulate the spot colors. The topic of overprints in PDFs and the conversion of spot color tints was not explicitly tested in this forum but may be a topic in a possible next Forum to come. There will be enhancements that will also be seen in one of ColorLogic’s upcoming major software releases. When converting spot color tints, the tints can optionally be converted with respect to SCTV  (ISO 20654).

This opportunity to test ColorLogic’s technology in that forum was very eye opening on many levels and showed strengths but also areas for improvement to further meet market requirements and to make our user experience the best it can be, while contributing to progressing the industry’s technology.

For details and evaluations please refer to the FOGRA website:

About FOGRA: The objective of FOGRA Research Institute for Media Technology is to promote print engineering and its future-oriented technologies in the fields of research and development, and to enable the printing industry to utilize the results of this activity.

About ColorLogic GmbH: As one of the world’s superior color management technology software providers, ColorLogic GmbH is a leader in providing technology and innovation for advertising agencies, prepress houses, offset, gravure, packaging, digital, large-format and multicolor printers in the color management arena. Utilizing industry knowledge, extensive product offerings and advanced technological capabilities, ColorLogic GmbH develops solutions for customers worldwide. ColorLogic’s products include ColorAnt, CoPrA and ZePrA, which provide an unparalleled range of color management technology with a high level of automation options possibilities.

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