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ColorLogic becomes a member of FOGRA.

ColorLogic strengthens its partnership with Fogra.

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3 October 2019

In September 2019, ColorLogic GmbH became a member of FOGRA Research Institute for Media Technologies, a leading print research institute serving the media and print industry since 1951. FOGRA’s objective is to promote print engineering and its future-oriented technologies in the fields of research and development to the printing industry.

ColorLogic has partnered with FOGRA in many areas over the years as an active contributor to FOGRA research, working with FOGRA associates, or supporting the organization with ColorLogic software, ColorLogic meets these challenges to advance print and media technology.

FOGRA continues to value ColorLogic’s color management expertise. ColorLogic was a key participant in the first Multicolor Forum. This forum not only provided a platform for testing and comparisons of various real world challenges and solutions, but it also showcased areas of multicolor technology advancement. ColorLogic will also participate in the upcoming Multicolor Forum in January 2020. In addition, Dietmar Fuchs, Product Manager at ColorLogic, was chosen to moderate Real-world Multicolor Packaging Implementations (ECG) at the Colour Management Symposium this February 2020.

“Participating in FOGRA research is not only an opportunity to contribute to advancing the industry’s technology, but it is also an opportunity to showcase ColorLogic’s strengths. Now being a member of FOGRA, we can intensify working together and benefiting from the research results. There will be tremendous benefits to this partnership on both sides,” says Dietmar Fuchs.

ColorLogic looks forward to contributing to the ongoing development and transformation of the printing industry for many years to come. For more information on FOGRA: Click Here

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ColorLogic GmbH has released its latest profiling solution CoPrA 6, a control center for ICC color profiling tasks. The most significant features are the new DeviceLink Iteration module

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ColorLogic releases Push-to-ZePrA

ColorLogic GmbH has announced Push-2-ZePrA, an Adobe Photoshop extension that allows color converting an image file with ColorLogic’s ZePrA Color Server from Photoshop.

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ZePrA 7 Color Server Released

ColorLogic GmbH has announced its latest smart color server, ZePrA 7. “ZePrA 7 has many additions and improvements, however most notably is the addition of PDF 2.0 Support. I am proud to say that ColorLogic is among the first to support the new PDF 2.0 standard (ISO-32000-2)”, states Thorsten Braun.

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EU Business Awards 2018 Winner

We are honored to announce that ColorLogic GmbH has been chosen as a winner of the 2018 EU Business Awards in the category of Best International Colour Management Technologies 2018- Westphalia!

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FOGRA Multicolor Forum

On October 4th 2018, FOGRA organized and hosted the world’s first comparison test for state of the art multicolor solutions, which allowed ColorLogic GmbH along with several other providers to test their solutions in up to five categories using actual print samples and a controlled offset printing process.

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