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ColorLogic releases Push-2-ZePrA Photoshop extention

ColorLogic GmbH

07 May 2019

RHEINE GERMANY — ColorLogic GmbH has announced Push-2-ZePrA, an Adobe Photoshop extension that allows color converting an image file with ColorLogic’s ZePrA Color Server from Photoshop. “Testing and comparing configurations can be painful, but with Push-2-ZePrA it enables easy testing and converting of files right out of Photoshop making automation with a ColorServer seamless”, states Thorsten Braun, CTO of  ColorLogic.

Push-2-ZePrA high-quality color conversions utilize DeviceLink profiles which lead to better color rendering of images than standard color conversions with Photoshop. The converted file opens up in Photoshop so that you do not need to leave the application to get the best possible color converted images.  Even spot colors can be converted to process colors in high quality if the selected ZePrA configuration is set up accordingly.

The screenshot below shows Push-2-ZePrA has a more saturated and vibrant conversion with pure primaries and secondaries than a typical conversion with an ICC printer profile using Photoshop alone.  The image used shows a color conversion from AdobeRGB to PSO coated V3 (CMYK).

Push-2-ZePrA is now available to download, and must be used on the same computer as your ZePrA 7 application. There will be an Introduction to Push-2-ZePrA webinar on May 21st, 2019. More details about Push-2-ZePrA and other information can be found on

About ZePrA Smart Color Server: ZePrA was first released in 2008 with the most recent being ZePrA 7. ZePrA Smart Color Server is a full featured color server that optimizes PDF printing data via DeviceLink profiles that integrates into existing workflows for immediate results.  ZePrA is available for purchase with five package options depending on needed features such as ink saving and multicolor. ZePrA works standalone, or in conjunction with other ColorLogic color management solutions. It even works as an addition to other manufacturer’s solutions.

About ColorLogic GmbH: As one of the world’s superior color management technology software providers, ColorLogic GmbH is a leader in providing technology and innovation for advertising agencies, prepress houses, offset, gravure, packaging, digital, large-format and multicolor printers in the color management arena. Utilizing industry knowledge, extensive product offerings and advanced technological capabilities, ColorLogic GmbH develops solutions for customers worldwide. ColorLogic’s products include ColorAnt, CoPrA and ZePrA, which provide an unparalleled range of color management technology  with a high level of automation options possibilities. For more information, please visit , or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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