ColorLogic’s Innovation and Core
Values Create a
Sustainable Future

ColorLogic GmbH’s company core values are founded on a simple idea – to protect the environment and help our global community. To have a lasting impact requires commitment and collaboration. We do our part by applying our passion for innovation and our technical expertise to transform the color management industry, and thus, our world.

Our Inspiration.

One of our initial inspirations for creating advanced color management software was to increase efficiency and reduce waste in the print industry. Our software helps users know the output of a print job before printing, which saves time, reduces the proofing process, and thus reduces paper and ink waste. Our technology further incorporates Eco-friendly features such as SaveInk to minimize ink use. Our superior workflow helps businesses improve their product as well as implement their commitment toward a sustainable future.

Inside our walls and beyond.

Protecting our environment and preserving our resources reaches both ColorLogic headquarters based in Germany, and CrossXColor, Inc., its partner in the United States. Programmable thermostats, telecommuting, and maintaining a paperless office are just some of the energy-efficient practices implemented. We are stringent recyclers by exclusively using reusable plates, utensils, and towels. When waste cannot be avoided or reduced, we use recyclable products.


Having a global company means traveling is unavoidable. In our efforts toward being carbon neutral, ColorLogic has joined atmosfair, a non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation by promoting, developing, and financing renewable energies in over 15 countries worldwide. For all business travel, whether it is by plane, train, or daily commutes to work by car, ColorLogic donates the amount of their CO₂ usage to this cause.

“Sustainability is a fundamental part of everything we do. It shows in our dedication to improving color management to reduce the amount of waste. As innovators in the printing industry, it is our responsibility to not only our customers but our world. Being an eco-friendly company gives us the opportunity to invent, innovate and inspire. Achieving sustainability demands something from everyone, every day. This is good for the customer, good for business, and good for our environment.”

Barbara Braun-Metz, CEO

Supporting the Community

ColorLogic and CrossXColor not only ehop protect the environment but also have a rich history in helping our global community. After natural disasters, we are responsive by donating to humanitarian organizations such as the United Way and the German Red Cross, both devoted to providing aide and rebuilding disaster areas.


Education is important too. ColorLogic has made color management technology accessible to qualified higher learning institutions that specialize in the print industry. Also, donations have been made to support local educational events and institutions such as the New College of Florida.


ColorLogic and CrossXColor have been passionate and devoted supporters of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a charitable organization that promotes wilderness preservation, saving endangered species, and the reduction of human impact on the environment. For us, WWF was a natural choice to support, and have been making donations since 2007.

We Support

We are an award-winning, global company committed to providing our customers and partners the most advanced color management software and technology.

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