Measure and Optimize

ColorAnt is an easy-to-use tool that measures test charts, corrects, and optimizes measurement data. Additional features include editing of primary colors and substrates, tone value corrections, embedding CxF/X-4 data and comprehensive reporting.


Key Features

ColorAnt can be integrated in any workflow to improve the quality of any ICC profile.


Data Analysis

Use ColorAnt’s 2D, 3D, TVI, Spider Web and Curves to fully verify measurement data


Detailed Reporting

Use ColorAnt’s advanced analysis to create detailed Reports on measurement data


Create Custom Charts

Create patch sets for specific print methods, including Flexo printing, re-profiling and Multicolor printing


Link Color Charts

Merge test charts by channel name


Automatic Data Correction

Correct measurement data with a few simple clicks. Special features for Flexo printing included to protect highlight areas


Measure Test Charts

Integrated measuring for a wide array of measurement instruments


Multicolor Options

Edit Primaries allows replacement or removal of Multicolor data without remeasuring


Tone Value Correction

Correct TVI curves to profile, G7 and ISO 20654 specifications

Get the Latest Version

ColorAnt 8 | New Features

ColorAnt 8 includes powerful measurement, analysis and productivity features


New PSD evaluation methods

Increase process stability in digital printing


New InkSplitting mode and light colors

Ensure even and smooth gradations


More TAC limit options

TAC can now be set more variably


Export Chart improvements

New markers and margins for testchart creation

New Find function in View tool

Search for IDs, names, CIE and DCS data



Measure Tool and ColorAnt can now be used simultaneously


New measuring device

Support for the X-Rite i1iSis 2/XL


Support for mixed CxF files

Load individual or all data sets

Technical Features and Requirements

ColorAnt supports many data formats along with the most common measurement instruments

System Requirements

  • macOS® 13 Ventura
  • macOS® or macOS® Server Version 10.10 and higher
  • ColorAnt, CoPrA and ZePrA run on Apple M1 chip systems
  • Microsoft® Windows® 11
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10


  • CoPrA, ColorAnt, Measure Tool and ZePrA run in 64-bit mode
  • CoPrA, ColorAnt, Measure Tool and ZePrA run in 64-bit mode

Recommended Hardware

  • Minimum Dual Core Processor (Quad Core or more recommended)
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
  • Minimum 1280 × 1024 resolution (or higher) recommended

Supported File Types

  • CGATS-Text data (.txt)
  • CGATS XML data (.xml)
  • ICC Profile (.icc)
  • Color Exchange Format (.cxf)
  • Photoshop Palette (.aco)
  • Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase)
  • GMG CSC data (.csc)

Export Data

Export data as Lab, XYZ, Density, ACV, XML and CxF/X-4


Supported Instruments

  • Barbieri Spectro LFP
  • Barbieri Spectro LFP qb
  • Barbieri Spectropad
  • Konica Minolta FD-5
  • Konica Minolta FD-7
  • Konica Minolta FD-9
  • MYIRO-1
  • MYIRO-9
  • Techkon SpectroDens (Windows only)
  • Techkon SpectroJet (Windows only)
  • X-Rite eXact
  • X-Rite i1Pro 1
  • X-Rite i1Pro 2
  • X-Rite i1Pro 3
  • X-Rite i1iO
  • X-Rite i1iO 3
  • X-Rite i1iSis 2/XL

New Features Overview

ColorAnt – Standard Packages

ColorLogic software is flexible and customizable to adapt ever changing profiling needs. ColorAnt’s Multicolor features can be added with an upgrade to the L package.

Keep Applications Up-to-Date

What is a  Software Maintenance Agreement?

Keep Applications Up-to-Date

The SMA is a paid annual plan which provides an upgrade to the latest version of the application at no additional charge to the end user.

Major Upgrades Included

Anytime ColorLogic releases a major software version, all users with a current SMA are eligible to receive a new license free of charge.

Why Purchase?

ColorLogic highly encourages the add-on of the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) to the purchase of ColorAnt, CoPrA or ZePrA to keep all applications up to date.

Purchasing Process

Contact a ColorLogic representative about purchasing an SMA and take advantage of receiving the latest features and tools with every release.

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