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RPimaging’s Evolution in Color Communication

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20 December 2023

RPimaging, INC, based in Tucson Arizona, has long been recognized as a leader in color matching solution for print markets. Founded in the late 90s, RPimaging, then known as Renaissance Photographic Imaging, helped boutique fine art printers and museums leverage the emerging platform of communicating color on Mac and PC computers.

Today, 25 years later, RPimaging specializes in practical methods leveraging ISO and industry standard specifications with product sales and consulting. RPimaging works with a diverse clientele. Some clients have higher expectations and need more sophisticated tools.

“I needed to have a product line for clients that had tighter tolerances of what’s normally acceptable, and had to work across different printing platforms and technologies with consistent results,” states Dan Reid, President of RPimaging, INC. “And that’s when ColorLogic came into play.”

ColorLogic and RPimaging partnership began in 2015 when Dan observed that his more critical clients needed less variance in their product offerings. RPimaging’s experience and reputation in the industry was an excellent fit with ColorLogic as a trusted partner for companies seeking help with precise color control in their workflows.

A veteran G7 Certified Expert, Dan Reid, helps businesses achieve the G7 print calibration in many markets including commercial, trade, grand-format and textiles. Dan is also a regular contributor on color management and workflow in The Big Picture Magazine.

“Being able to apply G7 correction to existing dataset is just another option that makes ColorLogic’s ColorAnt a must have tool. A mature product, v10, there is a lot this product can do that just isn’t available elsewhere.”

“RPimaging is a great match for us,” states Barbara Braun-Metz, Founder and Managing Director of ColorLogic GmbH. “Their unwavering dedication to educating the public on color management is truly invaluable and harmonizes seamlessly with ColorLogic’s mission.”

The ColorLogic and RPimaging, INC. partnership is 8 years strong, continuing to provide powerful, custom color workflow solutions for the printing industry. This enduring partnership makes it the ideal choice for meeting your ColorLogic needs in the United States.

RPimaging, INC
2421 E 6th ST
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: (520) 323-5855

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