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16 January 2015

From prototyping to final prints – Impresiones y Prototipos, s.l. trusts ColorLogic for all their color management needs.

To satisfy the ever changing requirements of the printing industry you need flexible and yet still specialized solutions to address those needs in the best possible way. We spoke with Mr. Alberto Gómez, CEO of the printing company Impresiones y Prototipos, s.l. in Barcelona, Spain, who is mainly responsible for the strategic development of the whole company. He focuses on quality improvements, solutions to fulfill specific customer requirements while looking for new opportunities to expand the activities of his company.

Mr. Gómez, please describe your company

Our company Impresiones y Prototipos, s.l., is a printing company located in Barcelona (Spain) with over 30 years experience in the printing industry. Three years ago we created a new division “Zeta Prototypes” which specializes in prototype packaging. Our main clients are the high-end sector of perfumery. Due to the high quality prototypes and the great success we have achieved in Spain, we just started an international expansion prototypes packaging division. Our goal for 2015 is to establish international business.

Please tell us a how you became aware of the ColorLogic products 

We use CoPrA and ColorAnt to optimize our measurement data and create ICC and DeviceLink profiles. Afterwards we process files by using the color server ZePrA. After we validated how this powerful color management engine helped us to improve our print data, we also included the ZePrA module for Spot Color conversion. We also just started using the Reprofiler, which we think is a very interesting solution for handling slight changes in the print process without the need to regularly create completely new profiles.

A while ago we had some color issues in our production. I was looking for better ways to achieve color fidelity and shorter make-ready times. We received a recommendation for Daniel López from ID-Soft. He helped us to evaluate and introduced the right solutions. Then he helped integrate ColorLogic products for us. Daniel is an excellent color consultant. He is very knowledgable and probably one of the best technicians for colorimetry in Spain.

This sounds very enthusiastic. So which are the biggest advantages you see in working with ColorLogic solutions?

We tried many other color management solutions, but we were never able to achieve our goals to create high-quality prototypes and ensure the same colors in the final print. It is also important that theses prototypes serve as samples for all additional printing processes. With the ColorLogic solutions, we saw from the beginning that we could achieve this goal, because they are very powerful and versatile. Before we changed our production, we had to perform many tests to get a color fidelity prototype. Since we began using ColorLogic technology these tests have been drastically reduced while also giving us a substantial increase in production without comprising the print quality. With ColorLogic’s products we can color manage all materials we work with: Polyester, folding cartons, leather, PVC, PET, etc, knowing that we will always obtain the best color reproduction.

Anything other highlights?

Each prototype is unique. Our customers rely on our quality and with optimized production we have have been able to achieve 95% match in comparison to the final industrial production. Today we are the first company in Spain which is certified. So, now that we have such an extensive experience in conducting professional prototypes, we began our international expansion by offering prototyping to other countries.

This is a great step and we wish you the best for this exciting expansion. One last question: What do you think about the cost-to-value ratio of ColorLogic products?

It is not an inexpensive solution, but I think it is complex to define what is or is not expensive… Of course, it depends heavily on the objectives of the project. In our case, although it looked like a major investment in the beginning, we believe it was worth the investment. Meanwhile, we improved production tremendously and added value based on the professional knowledge of Daniel López. If we ever see new requirements we can always discuss those with him. So for sure, I would purchase ColorLogic products again.

Thank you very much, Mr. Gómez and good luck in your future endeavors.

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