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ColorLogic Announces the Release of ColorAnt 8

Chart customization, X-Rite i1iSis 2 compatibility and PSD Evaluation boost color measurement

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09 December 2021

RHEINE, GERMANY — ColorLogic GmbH, part of Hybrid Software Group, announces the release of ColorAnt 8, an advanced color measurement and correction tool which creates, analyzes and optimizes measurement data. ColorAnt 8 brings overall new capabilities and enhancements to the features used every day. For example, the Custom Chart tool now has an InkSplitting mode, light colors for predefined colors and adjustable TAC limits. As a result printers can create ink splitting DeviceLink profiles easier than ever.

New features and enhancements

ColorLogic leads the industry with first-to-market incorporation of industry standards and measurement devices. ColorAnt 8 now supports the X-Rite i1iSis 2 family of spectrophotometers. Users can measure their test charts in MeasureTool and work in ColorAnt 8 simultaneously for a more efficient workflow. The Export Tool has added markers and margins with predefined i1iSis 2 and i1iSis 2 XL settings. The Add Auto-Positioning marker automatically adds the required markers to test charts to perform automatic measurements. Additionally, the new Margin Sizes section defines margins for test charts. Users will find these new features useful as some measurement devices need extra space before and after a row while measuring.

“Keeping up with industry standards is not only a goal but a driving force at ColorLogic,” states Thorsten Braun, CTO of ColorLogic. “Adding X-Rite i1iSis measurement devices to our long list of supported devices is key for making ColorLogic versatile across all different mediums of print.”

Furthermore, users will benefit from the enhanced evaluation tools. The ISO 12647-8 Validation Print method now reflects the most recent tolerances from 2021, and the Proof Evaluation tool has added PSD evaluation methods. Also, support for mixed CxF files and adjustable TAC limits are just some of the many upgrades to the features used every day.

Additional information on ColorAnt and ColorLogic GmbH

About ColorAnt: ColorAnt is an award-winning, easy-to-use tool that corrects and optimizes measurement data prior to profiling. ColorAnt produces immediate results working standalone, integrated into an existing workflow, or in conjunction with other ColorLogic solutions. ColorLogic users will find ColorAnt available in two packages that can be purchased by contacting a ColorLogic Dealer. More details about ColorAnt can be found on here.


About ColorLogic GmbH: ColorLogic GmbH is an award-winning, global company committed to providing the most advanced software technology in color management. Their suite of products also includes CoPrA, and ZePrA, which offer an unparalleled range of color management technology with a high level of automation possibilities. ColorLogic GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group PLC (Euronext: HYSG).

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