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24 February 2013

Gennaro Marfucci offers solutions for DTP, color and print, and works with ZePrA, a color server software solution developed by ColorLogic.

Gennaro Marfucci is a certified media expert for digital and print media. His full-service bureau offer solutions all around DTP, color and print. Located in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, he serves clients all over Germany, but especially in the Rhein-Main area. Mr. Marfucci works mainly for ad and design agencies, prepress and service bureaus. Based on Corporate Identity and production requirements, he creates layouts, print copies and also finalizes print production – from layout to final print control. Furthermore, he does the DTP work on his own and serves everything around digital printing, prepress and color management.

Different than the competition

For Marfucci, it is common in his business to be expected to prepare print data immediately. This presents a big problem for a small company. Therefore, it is even more important to quickly prepare ad campaigns with respect to different printing conditions.

“I searched for hardware and software solutions to help me to work faster and more efficiently. It was my goal to differentiate myself from the competition. I wanted “solution oriented,“ respect quality, work effectively and offer attractive prices than my competition.

During this evaluation, I got in contact with Impressed (the German distributor of ColorLogic). They offer professional advice and have wonderful customer support. To solve my color management issues, they recommended products developed by ColorLogic. ColorLogic is specialized in the development of color management solutions and offered exactly the kind of product I was looking for: ZePrA. I wanted to solve my main problem of time limitations to generate “clean“ printing data. Using ZePrA, I am now able to solve all tasks within a short timeframe. Moreover, I can now quickly deliver ad campaigns, convert RGB to CMYK, adjust data to different color spaces, and convert existing legacy data to respect new printing conditions.

Quite often I have to convert existing designer publications, such as brochures or magazines, prepared as a PDF/X-4 file, to PSO Uncoated and do scaling and sharpening of the images in one step. Sometimes I have to replace Corporate Design colors in Corporate Design Manuals for different printing standards (in CMYK). Also, it’s possible to adjust advertisements to DUON conventions. All these different tasks are now much easier, smoother, contains less mistakes and definitely much faster.“

More customers thanks to a better quality

Overall, Marfucci is satisfied, “My situation concerning orders improved tremendously since using ZePrA. Without it, I would not be able to accept so many orders and deliver in time. In doing so, I have many new customers in addition to finding some niche markets as a service provider. When I use ZePrA, I am able to work faster and offer better prices than most of my competitors who don‘t use such a solution. The introduction of Adobe Creative Suite dramatically changed prepress production. A media expert has to solve different tasks – from the first draft until the final preparation of print data. For a one-man company like mine, the investment into ZePrA was the perfect decision to increase work production while also offering better quality. This is what differentiates me from the competition. Furthermore, my customer relations are much closer nowadays because my clients recognize the benefits and quality improvements by using DeviceLink profiles for color conversion.“

In addition to ZePrA (including SmartLink), Marfucci also uses ColorLogic’s DeviceLink profiles (DLS) and DocBees-ProfileTagger to detect unprofiled or wrongly tagged data.

About ZePrA

ZePrA is a high-end color server that runs on Mac OS X or Windows. The application supports DeviceLink and ICC profiles, conversion and optimization of complete PDF print data and images (PSD, TIFF und JPEG) via hot folder. Therefore, ZePrA is the perfect solution to convert printing data to a standard printing condition. It also supports CMYK, RGB, gray scale, Lab and multicolor and is suitable for any kind of printing process. Overall, this application sets the standard regarding quality, performance and price!


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