Sundisa Uses ColorLogic’s Complete Solution Toward Their Commitment to the FOGRA PSD and G7 Standards

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29 July 2021

Sundisa – An Introduction

Sundisa is one of the leading large-format printing and digital printing service companies in Spain with more than 40 years of experience. Formed by a team of more than 50 highly trained and specialized professionals, Sundisa remains at the forefront in technology resources by having the most advanced printing technology on the market. This allows Sundisa to print by sublimation, with water-based inks, Latex and UV on any type of rigid or flexible material, with an optimal level of quality, as well as having a large production capacity.

Business strategy of Sundisa

As the CEO, I plan and coordinate Sundisa’s business strategy as well as supervise the production area, developing the ERP that will lead to a step forward in production planning. Additionally, I am also responsible for making decisions regarding investment in new printing and finishing equipment.

Improving color management

Sundisa always wants to offer the highest quality to its clients, which is why a few years ago we decided to improve the Color Management of the company. Additionally, we also wanted to improve the color result but also with a strong commitment to the FOGRA PSD color certification. Furthermore, we are working to obtain the first G7 certification of LFP in Spain. To do this, we hired the services of Daniel López from Id-Soft, who helped us take an important leap in quality with the ColorLogic suite: ColorAnt + CoPrA + ZePrA, and obtain our FOGRA color certifications.

We utilize the entire ColorLogic suite to perform color management on all our printing machines, from the Durst web machines, the HP, the new Durst P5 or the EFI Reggiani textile. Having all the company’s color management centralized with ColorLogic allows us to have the color result controlled. Overall, we are very happy. Each new version includes new functions that allow us to be more productive and constantly improve the final printed result.

Using ZePrA

Nowadays all companies, small or large, have their own corporate colors. It is very important that those colors are reproduced with maximum color fidelity. Previously, we created a color atlas, but that led to unnecessary machine tests, unreliable data, and also extended production time. Now with the new Spot Color Iteration Wizard included in ZePrA 9, everything is much easier and works perfectly. Certainly, peace of mind lies in knowing that we are offering the highest quality of spot color rendering with our printers. Sundisa clients are  further reassured because they know that their work will always have a faithful color reproduction.


We are also a company committed to the environment and the development of sustainable practices. Our processes are monitored through procedures defined in various ISO quality and management standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. In fact, incorporating ZePrA into our workflow helps us reduce our waste and achieve our sustainability goals.

The costs always depend on the results. In our case the return on investment is satisfactory, which is why we have trusted ColorLogic for 6 years.

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, the peace of mind of knowing that what we are doing is the right thing to do. ZePrA has helped us improve, be more productive, and offer our clients the best results. This is the core of Sundisa and we want to continue doing so.

– Luis Rovira Garcia, CEO, Sundisa

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