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Profiling and color optimizing with ColorLogic at alprinta GmbH

ColorLogic, GmbH

24 February 2013

In 2011 ColorLogic conducted a public beta test of its CoPrA 2 profiling solution. The first beta version had already positively convinced the companies taking part in the beta test. On this subject, read the experience report compiled by Jan Lukat from alprinta GmbH

alprinta GmbH with headquarters in Leverkusen has already been very successful for over 30 years in print and display manufacturing. Its core competences include digital and silkscreen printing, as well as advertising print technology, display construction, UV offset and comprehensive logistics. alprinta is among the market leaders in the eye-catching advertising print sector in Germany.

An attractive price-performance ratio for high-quality products and significant reliability are the company’s most important objectives. This is why it is particularly important for the print quality to be as optimum and constant as possible. For this purpose, Jan Lukat, prepress manager at alprinta, had already invested in ColorLogic color technology at an early stage. The printable reproduction of color was successfully implemented in very diverse printing processes with CoLiPri and CoPrA and improved with DocBees-Reprofiler. Analysis and correction of the measurement data with the new ColorAnt tool as well as advance profiling with CoPrA 2.0 make an effective working method practicable.

Jan Lukat says: “You feel that you can fiddle with every tiny screw in the works and exactly what you had always wanted finally takes place.”

In particular, CoPrA 2.0’s new functionalities, e.g. being able to input the viewing lighting condition and the possibility of manually inputting the black point independently of the overall total ink amount, have been met with real enthusiasm.

And Jan Lukat confirms this: “We were finally able to meet customer wishes. For example, a Fashionfotos branch manager requested the performance of onsite validation under the lighting conditions prevailing there. That is no problem with CoPrA 2.0! It was a little difficult to organize the print production, as we were unable to generate the desired lighting for process control, but our trust in ColorLogic color technology paid off. Color control, especially a neutral gray run, is a must in the current era of digital printing. Even with lower resolution production machines that print up to 400 square meters per hour, we are now able to achieve even and high quality prints and to balance out fluctuations quickly. I am already excited about what the professionals at ColorLogic will revolutionize next.” 

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